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  • Individual Counseling

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    Counseling gives you the opportunity to explore the changes you want to make in your life and to make those changes a reality. The counseling process is voluntary, meaning you get to choose what we talk about when you feel ready to talk about it. CPC provides LGBTGEQIAP+ affirming services and believes in the importance of being LGBTGEQIAP+ informed to provide the highest quality of care to people of all genders and sexual orientations. Some might seek mental health counseling to assist in navigating specific mental health challenges (such as depression, bipolar, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, etc.), while others are simply looking for someone confidential and professional to support them in life’s challenges. Common issues discussed in counseling are self-esteem, significant relationships, sexual orientation/gender exploration, trauma, coming out, setting healthy boundaries, and many others. My favorite metaphor to describe the counseling process is that it is like going through a dark cave together. While I do not tell you which way to go or what to do, I help to shine a light on a perspective you might not otherwise be able to see. The result is you making a series of choices to improve your life. Together, we work to make your desired change a reality.